Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Glitz 'n Glam

Who among us doesn't like jewelry? How about hanging out with friends wearing those beautiful, glamorous pieces of jewelry that make you stand out from the crowd? I believed everyone wants to be trendy, stylish but yet elegant.

Jewelry has been making all on its own on the fashion week runways.

Jewelry trends are playful and more confusing than clothing trends. It seems like one day, everyone is wearing barely their strands of delicate gold, and the next, we are hit with something much bigger.

From king-sized rings to statement punk earrings and layers of monogram necklaces, these are few of my favorite jewelry looks spotted on the streets. Check this out!

Oversize clustered crystals, colored stones, and chunky metal are the key pieces to look for if you want to buy into this trend. And to clarify, when we say "costume jewelry" we in no way mean cheap or tasteless looking pieces, instead we simply are referring to the level of glamour that most of us probably aren't used to wearing in our everyday lives. As we temporarily in the transition from delicate jewelry as a major trend, i is time to embrace the outrages yet beautiful pieces we once thought were too loud or informal to wear on a regular basis. This spring, the more the merrier when it comes to the glitz 'n glam of your jewelry choices.

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