Friday, 16 February 2018

Few Things Women should/must have...

Finding the right wardrobe and accessories is not easy, especially for women, we are quite complicated and choosy...

But having just a few and the essentials will definitely make one's life simpler.

Here are the few things suggested:

1. Tailored Black Blazer
Classic and feminine and looks great to all body types. Make sure to find one that fits you well and accentuates your waist and not swallowing you.

2. Leopard Print Scarf
Accessories like printed scarf will definitely complete your look.
3. Red Flat shoes
Red flats provide a pop of color and work for every season.
4. Striped Shirt
It looks great paired with brights or prints or peeking out from underneath a blazer.
5. Statement Necklace
The statement necklace can make a simple outfit look strong and feminine.

6. Black Dress
Every woman should have a black dress, it is important to invest one that is special. Look for a dress with interesting details. Finding the right fit is very important.

7. Black Opaque Tights
A pair of tights can make your legs look slimmer and help you get away with wearing a dress that is a little short. Double them up for a more opaque look to keep you warm in the winter.

8. Oversize Watch
A watch is as much an accessory as it is a timepiece. Try leaving it loose so it looks like a bracelet.

9. Classic Trench Coat
It is an investment - you'll wear it even if you fluctuate in size. Look for classic A-line silhouette that will cinch you in the waist and wear it over everything from suits to jeans.

10. Jeans
Pair them with platforms or heels to get extra height while keeping the look casual and comfortable.

Maybe these are just a few of the essentials that women should have, definitely it depends on you what the fashion essentials should be included in your closet.

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