Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Diamonds 4C's - Diamond Cuts And Shapes

When selecting a diamond, the shape itself is one of the most important considerations. Each of the various shapes has its own unique characteristics. Like any other jewelry, the most popular diamond shapes can depend on current trends and fads. Below are the different diamond shapes and description that you might mostly encounter. The most popular shapes are the round brilliant and the princess cut.

Round Brilliant

The Round Brilliant diamond remains by the far the most popular diamond cut of all. It is timeless classic that is always ins tyle and has been for hundreds of years. Because of its symmetrical geometry, a well cut round diamond has the greatest ability of any shape to maximize light performance. 

Princess Diamond

Like that of the Round Brilliant, the Princess Cut Diamond has faceting patterns that give it sparkle and brilliance. They are usually square cut with pointed corners, although some are more rectangular in shape. Princess cut diamonds are second only to the round brilliant in their popularity. They are also priced lower than comparable Round Brilliant diamonds, which make them an excellent choice for a shopper looking for value.

Below are the most popular fancy diamond shapes. Other shapes are also available and may be quite desirable for very specific applications. The following are the diamond shapes you are most likely to see in jewelry.

Cushion Diamond

Emerald Diamond

Asscher Diamond

Oval Diamond

Marquise Diamond

Pear Diamond

Radiant Diamond

Heart Diamond

Trilliant Diamond

We have to remember. no matter how popular or valuable the cut is, each individual has its own preference and personal taste, whatever it is, we need to make sure that we love what we choose.

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