Thursday, 14 December 2017

What is the correct way to measure your ring size?

Most of you probably are not really aware the size of your ring. You might have bought a ring for yourself online and just realize that it is bigger or smaller, or might have gifted to someone and then came out the same way, it is very small or very big.

In order to get away with the same mistake, you need to know exactly your ring size and /or the giftee as well.

There are factors to consider, but let's be direct, I got this from one of the articles I encountered online, and I wanted to share it with you as well, just in case you still don't know.

Here's is the easiest way to find your size at home.

Click here to download and print the sizing chart

When measuring, always measure the specific finger you are fitting for the most accurate results.

Here's how to find your exact ring size

If by any chance you are in-between sizes, it's best to go larger so that the ring clears your knuckles comfortably, or worst scenario, it is always possible to resize a ring, but best to get the right one.

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