Saturday, 23 December 2017


It is Winter, Yes it is. How difficult it is to get out from your bed with a freezing weather, but it is always a heap when you know why you have to. Fashion!

Winter probably is one of the most important seasons of the year. Why? We’ll probably because it requires much of preparation in all aspect. The whole atmosphere is cold, nights are long and days are short. The winter wind blows all the time.

When going out there in a cold weather, the key to getting it right isn’t just a solid pair of snow boots. To truly achieve peak cozy- the ultimate winter triumph is to stock up o the essential, which is basically anything that’ll make you want to stay on your couch with a hot toddy in hand and also go initiate a snowball fight at the same time. This means small collection sweaters (both thin and chunky) that serve as base layers for whatever you do, a few versatile hoodies that can wear to balance out the formality of a plaid blazer or to take a midday nap on your couch, a mix of crazy-soft blanket scarves that’ll make you feel like a swaddled infant, and a long-line coat to top it all off, should you decide to actually go out. You know the basics.

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It is always essential to have a gear and be ready whether staying in or braving the cold. Warm clothes are definitely important.

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