Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The Day of Being Alone

For the past few days, I was just so lazy but yet still figuring out what to do with my website that I just started. I’ve been doing also a lot of reading on Reddit and stumbling on StumbleUpon, and I realized that they are indeed talking to me. Yesterday, they told me that I should start to write, could be short or long at least 12 questions to review every week to help me feel better about my life and keep track of my objectives as well as keep things in perspective.

So, here I am. I have to keep myself honest, and be more committed to writing things out, grapple with my thoughts, frustrations and feelings and really work to be better and happier, even things are even out of the way to close to where I want to them to be.

I am numbering these and contemplate when there is a lot to contemplate on.

1. What did I learn last week? I learned that I need to be more clear in my communications. Jobs are done well, fewer complications and more effective if communicated clearly.

2. What was my greatest accomplishment over the past week? I was able to request the total refund and refund granted for the cancelled trip to Hong Kong for personal reasons.

3. Which moment from last week was the most memorable and why? My beloved partner's birthday even he is miles far.

4. What are the things I need to accomplish this week?
  • Apply for this VIP kid, Chinese online education job waiting for me in my inbox
  • Finish up on the things I forgot to do for my website
  • Continue bogging my partner to change place
5. What can I do right now to make the week less stressful? Probably going to knock out the above after taking my breakfast.

6. What was last week's biggest time sink? Being clear when communicating and getting frustrated easily

7. Am I carrying any excess baggage into the week that can be dropped? Yes, I am normally thinking things I should do in order to progress but forget to get them done.
8. How can I help someone else this coming week? I am not sure, but for sure there will be an opportunity

9. What are my fears? Staying stagnant and what makes it most fearful is that fact that I only have done a little for my website.

10. What I am most grateful for? Things in my life are much easier than I give it a credit for. Just because I am not at the peak of where I want to be doesn't mean things are bad.

11. Is there anyone that deserves a big "Thank You"? Him, Almighty above, my family and Juvenal.

12. If I knew I only had one week to live, who would I spend my time with? With those who have been good to me, who loved me and accepted me for who I am.

Actually, in all seriousness, I feel pretty good today. And this counts as my writing for the day! Hooray!

Friday, 16 February 2018

Few Things Women should/must have...

Finding the right wardrobe and accessories is not easy, especially for women, we are quite complicated and choosy...

But having just a few and the essentials will definitely make one's life simpler.

Here are the few things suggested:

1. Tailored Black Blazer
Classic and feminine and looks great to all body types. Make sure to find one that fits you well and accentuates your waist and not swallowing you.

2. Leopard Print Scarf
Accessories like printed scarf will definitely complete your look.
3. Red Flat shoes
Red flats provide a pop of color and work for every season.
4. Striped Shirt
It looks great paired with brights or prints or peeking out from underneath a blazer.
5. Statement Necklace
The statement necklace can make a simple outfit look strong and feminine.

6. Black Dress
Every woman should have a black dress, it is important to invest one that is special. Look for a dress with interesting details. Finding the right fit is very important.

7. Black Opaque Tights
A pair of tights can make your legs look slimmer and help you get away with wearing a dress that is a little short. Double them up for a more opaque look to keep you warm in the winter.

8. Oversize Watch
A watch is as much an accessory as it is a timepiece. Try leaving it loose so it looks like a bracelet.

9. Classic Trench Coat
It is an investment - you'll wear it even if you fluctuate in size. Look for classic A-line silhouette that will cinch you in the waist and wear it over everything from suits to jeans.

10. Jeans
Pair them with platforms or heels to get extra height while keeping the look casual and comfortable.

Maybe these are just a few of the essentials that women should have, definitely it depends on you what the fashion essentials should be included in your closet.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Love of All Time!

It's February 14 again, the time of the year where most people would like this day to be different, special, and most of all feel loved. Each year when Valentine’s day approaches, our thoughts turn to love and relationships.

I woke up early this morning, thinking to feel special as well, thinking that someone special from afar didn’t forget this day, nor forget me. And yes, I did have the greetings I’ve been longing for, a testimony that no matter how far you are from each other, yet, by thoughts you are close and you are in each other's heart!, the feelings never fade.

Out of curiosity, I was digging my phone, checking one of the most powerful social media right now, Facebook. I was amazed as well as thrilled how each one of us, especially women, valued this day, seeing beautiful photos of lovers with a bunch of red roses with a toy bear holding a box of chocolate. I felt so wonderful as if I was receiving it…

No matter what, from the simplest gift to the most expensive one, most important is being together, keep holding on during the downs of the relationship as trials are always part of it… All we need to do is have faith, hold on to each other, love each other, not just Valentine’s day but every day of your relationship. After all, love is not always a bed of roses yet worth keeping for because you loved each other. 

Every day is love, no promises yet, you are not alone. 

Can I Pack my Meds in a Pill Case?

My husband and I are planning to travel at anytime soon. I know that it isn't easy to pack your things and be ready for the homeland security check.

I was reading some of the do's and don'ts and found this matter very important, the medications.
Here, I would like to share it with you, especially for those who are not aware of.

One of the most common questions the homeland security officials get is: "Can I travel with my medication?"

The answer is "YES", with some qualifiers, and that we need to take note.

1. It is not necessary to present your medication to or notify an officer about any medication you are travelling with unless it is in liquid form. Medication in liquid form is allowed in carry-on bags in excess of 3.4 oz in reasonable quantities for the flight. However, you need to inform the officer prior at the start of the to the screening checkpoint, sometimes, it might require additional screening if needed, or they will ask to open the container.

2. You can bring your medication in pill or solid form in an unlimited amount as long as it is checked.

3. You can travel with your medications in carry-on or checked-in baggage. It is highly recommended to have them in your carry-on in case you might need it.

4. If you wish your medicine not to pass the x-ray, instead have an officer have it check personally, you may say so.

Have a safe travel everyone!

Monday, 12 February 2018

Few DIY Tutorials For Glamorous and Cute Hairstyle

Finding an inspiration before going to a hairdresser is always a concern to most women. Well, the fact that we always wanted to look beautiful and fabulous, we wanted to make sure that the hairstyle fits well with us.

Here you'll find some stunning looks for short, medium, and long hair lengths, plus easy DIY hair styling ideas for all textures that would definitely fit your chosen fashion accessories. Have fun...

1. Simple French Roll

2. Braiding Short Hair

3. Elegant Updo for Medium Long Hair

4. Loose Halo Hair Tutorial

5. Lacebraided Updo

6. The Fancy Bun

Monday, 15 January 2018

The Diamond 4C's - Diamond Carat

It is always important to know that the jewelry we purchase is a good buy. Quality is an important factor for us jewelry shoppers, but the question would be, how could we make sure we are getting when buying diamonds?

In the mid-20thcentury, "the 4 C's" is universally acknowledged as the main way to determine the quality of a diamond. For a person who is not as educated as what a quality diamond is, knowing these 4C's are very significant. The breakdown on how to buy diamonds using the 4C's is here to help us get the best bang for our buck.

When choosing and buying a diamond, "carat" is one of the first things mentioned. While it is the most basic physical attribute of a diamond, there are some important things that you should know to fully understand the first "C" - diamond carat.

Points And Grains

Carat weight is sometimes expressed in "point". These are percentage points of a carat where one point equals 1/100th of a carat, so 25 points are equal to a quarter of a cart and 50 points is equal to half of a carat.

In the early times, diamonds weight was compared to a rice grain., wherein four(4) grains of rice were equal in weight to a carob bean. At this present time, diamond dealers still use the term when referring to general sizes such as "three(3) grainer" for diamonds in the .70-.79 ct range, or "five(5) grainer" for diamonds in the one and a quarter carat range.

Carat Weight And Cost

As carat weight gets bigger and larger, the value of the diamond increases. The reason is, pieces of rough material are increasingly rare with size.  The diamond twice as large as a smaller one of the same quality maybe three or more times as expensive, depending on the specifics of the market. Diamond prices are determined by market forces of supply and demand.

Carat Weight And Cut

Carat weight is not the same thing as size, although there is a correlation. It is the cut that can impact significantly both the actual dimensions and apparent size of the diamond.

Diamond cut too shallow may have a larger spread that it should, while diamonds cut too deep have a smaller spread, both cuts are undesirable.

A high-quality cut will result in light being returned to the eye from the entire top of the diamond. Edge to edge light performance will enable the diamond to appear larger than diamonds of the same size that are not cut as well.

This image below shows both diamonds are the same size but the ideal cut diamond on the left looks larger because it is returning light from edge to edge. It is important to know, though carat is a valuable factor, Cut is the superstar.

Carat Weight to Millimeter Size Conversion

As mentioned above, the relationship between carat weight and actual dimension varies according to the cut quality of the diamond. This chart below provides an approximate conversion for a well round diamonds.

Friday, 12 January 2018

The 4C's - Diamond Color

The grading scale is used to determine a diamond's value based on its color. It is scaled from D to Z. Diamond colors can also range from white to even black diamonds.

Colored diamonds are eye-catching, but white or colorless diamonds generally have a higher value compared to others, D-grades are considered the higher quality grades, which are considered colorless and the purest diamonds. Diamonds sold in local jewelry stores are typically "almost colorless'' with  agrade between G and J. Anything with grade after J is considred a 'colored" diamond as the diamond's color cna be deteected by the naked eye.

Enjoy the video below about Diamond Color:

Below are the indicidual diamond colors along with a short description:

Colorless Diamonds

D - perfectly colorless. The D color diamond is the ulitmate color grade in the normal range and apears Icy white.
E - colorless. Only when compared to a D color in a clinical environment does a very slight body color become vaguely noticeable.
F - colorless. An F clor diamond will look icy white and not show any appraent color from any viewing angle, except whnen compared to master diamonds by a trained grader.

Near Colorless Diamonds

G - top of the near colorless range. The G color diamond is virtually indistinguishable from colorless in real world situations.
H - solidly near colorless. An H color diamond lookd white, even when viewed from the side and even in larger sizes.
I - solidly near colorless. The I color diamond loooks white enough to be set in white gold or platinum without creating any sgnificant contrast.

It is important to understand that diamond color grading is not easy. The difference between gemological grades are extremely small. Colorless diamonds are 'icy' white, and near-colorless diamonds do not show any obvious body color to most obesrvers. Everyone has different sensitivity to color and a different sense of what appeals to them the most.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Diamonds 4C's - Diamond Cuts And Shapes

When selecting a diamond, the shape itself is one of the most important considerations. Each of the various shapes has its own unique characteristics. Like any other jewelry, the most popular diamond shapes can depend on current trends and fads. Below are the different diamond shapes and description that you might mostly encounter. The most popular shapes are the round brilliant and the princess cut.

Round Brilliant

The Round Brilliant diamond remains by the far the most popular diamond cut of all. It is timeless classic that is always ins tyle and has been for hundreds of years. Because of its symmetrical geometry, a well cut round diamond has the greatest ability of any shape to maximize light performance. 

Princess Diamond

Like that of the Round Brilliant, the Princess Cut Diamond has faceting patterns that give it sparkle and brilliance. They are usually square cut with pointed corners, although some are more rectangular in shape. Princess cut diamonds are second only to the round brilliant in their popularity. They are also priced lower than comparable Round Brilliant diamonds, which make them an excellent choice for a shopper looking for value.

Below are the most popular fancy diamond shapes. Other shapes are also available and may be quite desirable for very specific applications. The following are the diamond shapes you are most likely to see in jewelry.

Cushion Diamond

Emerald Diamond

Asscher Diamond

Oval Diamond

Marquise Diamond

Pear Diamond

Radiant Diamond

Heart Diamond

Trilliant Diamond

We have to remember. no matter how popular or valuable the cut is, each individual has its own preference and personal taste, whatever it is, we need to make sure that we love what we choose.